TECHnically Speaking

Elizabeth Kennedy, Yearbook/ Newspaper staff

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Clearwater High School puts on phenomenal productions every year, from the actors and actresses to the lights and sounds; however, behind the scenes are some very important people: tech crew! For those who aren’t quite sure what tech crew is, they are the people in the booth trying their best to make sure that the show runs as smoothly as possible. Clayton Patterson, a junior at Clearwater High School has been a member of tech crew for 3 years. When asked what his favorite part of being on tech crew was, Patterson said, “Honestly, the best part is just getting to be there with everybody.” He also stated that it is a fun activity after school and it gives him something interesting to do. The most important thing that Clayton has learned since being on the crew is “be on time and always wear gloves when you’re running spotlights.” Since being a part of CHS theatre and tech crew, he has had to deal with tough situations. When asked how to get through these situations, Patterson’s advice was to “improvise, adapt, and overcome.” Clayton says that tech crew has made him more responsible and dependable. Clayton recommends tech crew to anyone who is looking for a fun an interesting after-school commitment.