Chick Flick Marathon

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Most girls have those days that all they want to do it curl up in some blankets and watch movies all day. Sometimes though it can be difficult to find a movie to want to watch. Here are five chick flick movies that are available to watch on Netflix, that you may not have watched before that are perfect for a chick flick movie marathon day.

Love and Honor

“Dalton, serving in Vietnam, gets a “Dear John” letter and turns a week’s furlough into a desperate (and illegal) trip home to win back his girl,” reads the Netflix description. This 2013 movie stars Chris Lowell, Aimee Teegarden, and Teresa Palmer. This heartwarming movie really shows that with love anything is possible. Dalton gets a letter from his girl that she doesn’t want to be here anymore. When the squad gets a week of freedom, desperate to get his girl back Dalton goes back to ask Jane to marry him. However, she has changed and is against the war. Dalton’s buddy comes with him and makes up a story about how they are deserters in order to be liked by this group. After, a paper is published about their “story” it all turns for the worse. Mickey, Dalton’s best friend, ends up falling for a girl names Candance. With the police hunting them down and needing to return to Hong Kong the boys are running against the clock. To find out more you’ll have to watch the movie. I’d give it a 3/5 star rating. 86% of Google users have liked this movie and has 13% of rotten tomatoes. For a chick flick movie day, this movie is a must see. It does a great job showing the military mindset and how it’s about honor and commitment but also how it can take away love. Still, love always finds a way and in this romance movie, it couldn’t be shown more.


“When a single overachiever learns a girl she teased in high school is getting married before her, she swallows her pride to serve as maid of honor,” reads the Netflix description. This 2012 movie starring Kirsten Dunst, Rebel Wilson,

Image result for the bachelorette movie reviewand Isla Fisher is a hilarious film that is enjoyed by many. As the girls prepare for the big day the wedding gown is ruined. The bridesmaids run all over the city pulling every string they can in order to fix it before the bride gets ready for her big day, all while still having a fun-filled eventful night that includes typical bridesmaids activities. As the sun rises over the horizon it is unsure if the girls can pull it off but you’ll have to watch the movie to find out what happens.  It is a must-see chick flick film that I’d give a 3 out of 5-star rating. 65% of Google users have liked this movie and it was given 56% rotten tomatoes. It is a very funny movie that just about everyone can relate to at some point in the movie. It’s a perfect movie to watch if you are needing a chick flick day and don’t want to watch the classics. With lots of laughter, it will lift your spirits if you are having just one of those days.

Sierra Burgess is a Loser

“A wrong-number text sparks a virtual romance between a smart but unpopular teen and a sweet jock who thinks he’s talking to a gorgeous cheerleader,” reads the Netflix description for this movie. This 2018 movie stars Shannon Purser, Kristine Froseth, and RJ Cycler. This movie is very relatable for teenagers in this day in age, with social media, cell phones, and just the pressure

of being a teenager. In the movie, Sierra Burgess gets a text from a really cute boy who thinks he is talking to a cheerleader named Veronica. Sierra and Veronica know each other from school and don’t get along but instead of telling Jamey the truth she plays along with it in the hope she might find true love. Things get a little out of hand and in order to keep her identity a secret Sierra tutors Veronica while she has Veronica show her face and even goes on a date with Jamey. With homecoming just around the corner, Sierra knows that the truth must come out but things may have gone on too long and too far for anything to be able to happen. You’ll have to watch this chick flick on Netflix to find out more. 82% of Google users have liked this movie and has gotten 64% on rotten tomatoes. Out of five stars, I would rate it about a three out of five. It is a very good movie but it isn’t like the classics. Still, if you’re needing a change in movies this one would be a great chick flick to see.

The Switch

“Still single and worried about her biological clock, 30-something Kassie decides to pursue motherhood with the help of a sperm donor,” states the Netflix description. This 2010 film starring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, and Patrick Wilson is a must see chick flick film. Wally and Kassie are best friends and when he hears about how she is looking for a sperm donor he believes he could be the one. She takes a different direction and goes with a different donor. At the party when everything was supposed to happen Wally had a few too many. When he went to relieve himself he messed up with the donation. Frantic and not knowing what to do he replaced it with his own. Since he had a few drinks he didn’t remember any of this happening. Kassie moves back to be closer to her parents so she can have help raising the child. After several years she returns to the city and Wally sees many similarities between himself and her kid. The original donor also comes back and tries to be a father figure but it doesn’t go that way. To find out more you’ll have to watch the movie. I’d give the movie a 3/5 star rating. 89% of Google users liked this movie and it was given a 51% on rotten tomatoes. Overall it is a funny movie that uses aspects that are going on in this day in age and is great for a Chick Flick movie marathon day.

Kiss and Cry

“Faced with a rare form of throat cancer, teen figure skater Carley Allison finds strength in singing or an online audience in this biopic,” says the Netflix description. This 2017 film stars Sarah Fisher, Luke Bilyk, and Chantal Kreviazuk. Based on a true story this heartwarming story will get the best of you. Carley is a figure skater that has the potential to go places with her skating but lately has been finding it quite difficult to breathe in the cold air. She gets asked out on a date by a boy named Luke only to collapse on the ground. After she is taken to the hospital she is later diagnosed with cancer. Although the news is devasting she keeps her head high and tackles cancer. She has to have surgery to allow her to breathe through her neck so she has to take a break from figure skating. She turns to sing to help her get through it all. As she goes through chemo she loses her hair but Luke stays by her side through it all. With prom around the corner, she finds her dress doesn’t fit her all that well due to the weight she has lost so her fixes it up herself to make it her own. There is more to the story that you’ll have to watch to find out more. This incredible true story has a 97% liking status for Google users. Out of the five-star rating, I would have to give this movie the full five stars. This is a have to see the film for a chick flick day. This movie will capture your heart and tears.