Hubener’s Horizon Award

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Earlier this year, Joe Hubener, World History teacher at Clearwater High School was nominated for the  Horizon Award. This award is given to first-year teachers in elementary and secondary schools who perform in a way that establishes them as outstanding. When asked in an interview why he thought he received the award, Hubener stated, “Mr. Mellen and Mr. Elliot both recommended me for the award. They had come in and seen several lessons that they really liked, things that we were doing in the classroom.” Throughout the district, many people were incredibly excited about Hubener’s accomplishments, knowing the work that went into receiving the award. “It is certainly something I am proud to have received. It is definitely a motivating factor to improve as an educator and continue to strive to be better,” said Hubener after asked what the award meant to him. The hardest question for Hubener to answer was when he was asked what set him apart for other novice teachers around Kansas. He responded, “I don’t know that there’s much that necessarily sets me apart, I think just a willingness to try new things and not be afraid if they fall flat. Always try to try something new.” If you see Mr. Hubener in the hall make sure to congratulate him on being recognized as an outstanding teacher by the state of Kansas.