Stepping Into a “Real” World

Tahnae Donaldson, Write

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Ms. Ohnsat is a math teacher at the Clearwater High School. The 2018/2019 school year is her first year teaching in Clearwater. Ms. Ohnsat comes from a small town called Tipton. Not only did she attend school there, but she taught there for four years before making the transfer to Clearwater. When she was in school, she participated in everything.  She states, “In Tipton you kinda had to be involved in all of them otherwise there wasn’t a team. So basically, if girls were allowed to do it, I did it.” She played volleyball, basketball, track, golf, cheer, dance, band, choir, and even quiz bowl. When asked what the biggest difference is between teaching at Tipton and Clearwater, she replied, “The size. Like the first day, I was talking about the school being big and you guys all kinda laughed at me.” In Tipton, there only 19 students that attend the entire school. There are currently 356 students attending CHS. Ms. Ohnsat was asked what her favorite part of being a teacher in the USD 264 school district was. Her response was, ” Here I seem to see a lot of involvement and everybody’s really dedicated towards being an Indian… I instantly felt at home.” Like many of the members of the community, Ms. Ohnsat likes the hometown feel of Clearwater and looks forward to more years in the town.