Pucker Up!

Tahnae Donaldson

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In the last few years, the newest trend in the beauty community is bigger, fuller lips. Many have turned to lip injections, which can be unsafe and have negative lifetime results. One safer, cheaper alternative, however, is a voluminous lip balm. It is a lip gloss that causes a tingly sensation while making the lips bigger in size. With so many different products on the market, which one is actually worth the money? Two of the yearbook staffers decided to put it to the test. Two different products were chosen, each from a different brand. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme was compared to the Catrice Volumizing Lip Booster. Too Faced retails for $28 and is 0.14 oz . The compared product, Catrice, only retails for $4.99 and is 0.17 oz. One person applied Too Faced and the other Catrice. The two took a before picture as well as one immediately after application. As soon as it was applied, they both noticed some differences. The first difference was the smell of the products. Too Faced is known for having very pleasant smelling products. For example, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar pallet smells like a piece of chocolate. Other products resemble this sweet smell. The lip plumper was no exception. It had a pleasant, sweet smell that resembles a cupcake. The Catrice did not. It smelled very strongly of what seemed to be rubbing alcohol. It was very hard to ignore the very harsh smell. The first difference when applied was the sensation. Too Faced started to have a strong tingling sensation as soon as it was applied. The Catrice took some time to tingle and it was very subtle. They also looked different on the lips. Too Faced was clear but Catrice had several shades available. After two minutes, each person took another picture. The Too Faced had dramatically increased the size of the lips. The Catrice, however, had only slightly increased the size. It did, however, tint them. For another eight minutes, the two waited with the gloss on and then took another picture. By now, the Catrice had worked but it was not a big difference. The Too Faced was very effective for plumping lips. They both made the lips feel more hydrated. They also neither felt too sticky or tacky. If felt nice on, after the tingling sensation had stopped. It also stayed on for about the same amount of time. Overall, neither were bad products. The Too Faced did make the lips more plump as promised. The Catrice, however, fell short here. Even though it did not plump well, it tinted the lips with a pretty color that looked nice on. The only other negative to Catrice was the harsh smell. The Too Faced is more expensive, but it plumps really nicely without any color or tinting to the lips. The Catrice is less than half the price and colored the lips very nicely but did not plump well.