Look Out for Degenerates


Creators and Hosts of the Degenerates Podcast Seniors Alex Ast, Ian Knoblauch, and Zac Randolph

Noah Parker, Staff

Rumor has it that a bunch of Degenerates are running around Clearwater, and they even have a podcast! Seniors Ian Knoblauch, Zac Randolph, and Alex Ast have recently started a podcast called “The Degenerates Podcast” on YouTube. The term “podcast” was first coined in 2004 when Ben Hammersley mentioned it in a “The Guardian” newspaper article and is used to describe audio of people or a person talking about a topic whether that be a story or a serious discussion. The two people credited with starting the first podcasts are Adam Curry and Dave Winer in 2004.

The Degenerates Podcast started in the Fall of 2018 on Soundcloud before they switched to uploading on YouTube. When asked why they started the podcast, Ian Knoblauch explained, “At the time, I was very into podcasts. I was listening to “The Basement Yard,” “The Misfits,” and the “The Joe Rogan Experience;” and I came up to Alex and said ‘Hey, let’s do a podcast!’” Originally, Zac wasn’t even a part of it. It was just going to be Alex and Ian, but Zac happened to stop by Alex’s house on the day they were going to record for the first time, so he joined in. When asked how they came up with their name “The Degenerates,” Zac elaborated that in the first episode he called Ian a degenerate and they decided that would be the name. What do they discuss on their podcast?  Alex says  there really isn’t a set discussion. Sometimes they talk about stories, other times they may talk about recent events or politics. When asked was if they had taken any inspiration from other podcasts, Ian responded that he had taken inspiration from the podcasts he’s listened to. The group says that all of their friends comment on the episodes but they love seeing the comments from people who they hardly talk to on a daily basis and especially the people online they don’t even know personally. The group says they plan to continue the podcast after high school. Zac had actually thought a lot about  it and has a plan. He thinks that during the summer they could record multiple per day and then release a new one every week or two weeks over the school year. Alex also thinks they could use an online chat app like Skype or Discord to talk and record the conversation through the computer. Their goal is to keep in touch after they all go their separate ways and really hope that they can keep the podcast going, not only as a way to upload to YouTube, but also a way to continue being good friends, so don’t worry because there’s sure to be more of these Degenerates.