Loco for Hoco – Think Like a Queen!

Meet the Female Candidates


Music starts and the student body grows quiet with anticipation. Who is going to make up the 2019 Homecoming Court? Tanner Cash (11) waited on stage for fellow Student Council (StuCo) members to help with the big reveal. Trash cans were wheeled onto stage and on the count of three, one StuCo member held up a poster from the inside of the can with a candidate name. In the end, four sets of candidates rose from the student body to make their presence as candidates on stage. The 2019 Homecoming Candidates are Taylor Klausmeyer and Cole Bixler-Large, Shaylee Kirby and Alex Ast, Audra Jacobs and Trace Tjaden, and Lexi Cash and Drake Beatty. The candidates were chosen by the senior class.

The first female candidate, Taylor Klausmeyer, has been attending Clearwater schools since Kindergarten. Klausmeyer is involved in sports and activities year-round. In the fall, she plays volleyball. She has played varsity for two years. In the spring, she competes in track. Klausmeyer shares that volleyball is her favorite sport to play. She is also in various clubs such as the National Honor Society (NHS), StuCo, Kays Club, Sadd/Safe, and Link Crew. After graduating, Klausmeyer plans to attend the University of Kansas to become a biomedical engineer. Klausmeyer states that when she saw saw her name on the candidate poster, she felt “pure shock.”

The next candidate is Shaylee Kirby. Around school, Shaylee tries her hardest to stay involved. She participates in C-Club, Spanish Club, Kays, and NHS. Kirby also dances during the basketball season and is a cheer captain for the 2019 football season. Kirby explains that since cheer and dance are different seasons, she loves them both. She says, “Nothing beats Friday night lights.” When Kirby knew she would be a candidate for homecoming, she was most excited for the bonfire night. Kirby anticipated the dance-off with her partner, Alex Ast. It took the pair only one seminar class (XL) to choreograph their dance. Kirby shares that when they were planning their big dance, Ast said, ” I. Can’t. Dance.” They chose to keep their routine simple. Kirby also shares that Ast asked what some of her go-to freestyle dance moves were so he could prepare for the impromptu dance routine. In the future, Kirby, plans to study dentistry, more specifically, orthodontics. She is undecided between two different colleges, Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska and Wichita State University. She says that she has always had a fascination with teeth and their care. Kirby used to always ask for the Dentist Barbie Doll to play with. She eventually realized that dentistry was the right field for her.

Audra Jacobs is the third homecoming queen candidate. Audra is a member of the C-Club, Kays, and NHS. She has also lettered in track and is the StuCo President. Jacobs shares that her StuCo role can sometimes become slightly stressful, especially during homecoming week. StuCo is responsible for the all-district pep rally, which takes a great deal of planning. They also organize the bonfire on Thursday night of homecoming week. Some Stuco members also help the cheer team to decorate the school and community with window chalk, streamers, balloons, and posters. The reason Jacobs enjoys being a part of StuCo is that she loves seeing the joy that they bring to the student body with all of the activities they run during the school year. Jacobs was most excited about the homecoming dance following the football game on Friday night. Next year, Jacobs will attend Kansas State University to study either family sciences or biology.

The final candidate may be easily recognizable from her presence on the volleyball court, basketball court, track, and behind the scenes of many school events. Lexi Cash spends a lot of time playing sports and being involved in clubs. She is involved in C-Club, Safe/Sadd, StuCo, and the National Honor Society (NHS). Of the three sports she participates in, she enjoys volleyball the most because a lot of her friends are also on the team. StuCo is also another favorite for Cash. She likes that this club helps her stay involved all year. When Cash found out she was voted to be a candidate, she was shocked and very happy. Cash has decided she wants to study film and media in college. Her dream college is the University of Nevada in Las Vegas but she says this is a little unrealistic. Realistically, she states, she will most likely attend the University Of Kansas.