We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

We’ve Got Spirit How Bout You

Makenzie Teeter

For the week of September 30th- October 4th, the students and staff of CHS had an amazing week dressing up for Spirit Week. They started Monday off with Seasons Day. Seasons Day pitted the classes against each other with the Seniors dressing for fall, Juniors for summer, Sophomores for winter, and Freshman for spring. With their best seasonal attire, Trinity Sickles, Noah Parker, Aden Johnson, Tori Lafferty, Bella Murphey, Elijah Guiltner, Hailey Raiver, Morgan Werner, Sadie Baird, Alex Ast, Ian Knoblach, and Zac Randolph pulled out the win.

Next, the students moved onto Farm Day. With lots of animals and farmers roaming around the school, there was a lot of fun to be had.  Samantha Knight, Richard Wolf, Olivia Waymire, Bella Murphey, Christian Hastings, Aden Johnson, Brett Gibbs, Morgan Wilcoxson, Shaylee Kirby, Haley Roberts, and Avery Colbert were the winners of Farm Day. They rounded up their best ideas, gathered up their partners and do-si-doed their way to the winner’s circle.  

With Wednesday came Disney Day, and the students brought their A-game. There were princesses, superheroes, and mythical creatures walking the halls. Audra Jacobs, Tahnae Keeling, Ty Cash, Aubrey Taylor, Lauren Leabo, Carlie Schill, Noel Preston, Cole Bixler-Large, Brock Toothaker, Caden Carlson, Shaylee Kirby, Connor Walcher, Kip Burge, and Sydni Logue used their imagination and conjured up winning outfits.

With the week almost over, Thursday brought Dwight Day, or sitcom day. While there were a few Dwight’s, characters from all other sitcoms made appearances as well. Mr. Schmidt, Alec Beasley, Chloe Middleton, Jenny Pero, Madison Simoneau, Madi Mount, Mia Martin, Brecken Whitney, Sydnee Cotham, Kayleigh Herdman, Delaney Cowden, Sarah Bond, Avery Colbert, Shaylee Kirby, Aiden Schroeder, Robbie Schroeder, William Pray, and Nick Shoaf were able to pull off famous sitcom characters in a fabulous way.

The week ended with Ultimate Indian Pride Day. Students came dressed in their best Indian attire. Nathan Halsey, Clayton Patterson, Trevor Herdman, Caleb Crossland, Kadence White, Rain Johnson, and Grey Smith dressed for success and pulled off the ultimate win for the battle of best Indian.

The High School’s tradition of a bonfire the Thursday night of homecoming didn’t disappoint. The homecoming candidates: Seniors Taylor Klausmeyer, Cole Bixler Large, Shaylee Kirby, Alex Ast, Lexi Cash, Drake Beatty, Audra Jacobs, and Trace Tjaden played games against each other. One of the crowd favorites was the candidate Dance Off. To see a compilation of the dance, follow the link: Bonfire Dance-Off Compilation.  There was also a performance by the Clearwater High School Band of Indians and the cheer squad. The bonfire ended with the throwing of Harold, the Haven Football Player, into the fire. Seniors Hanna Denning, Makenzie Teeter, Raegen Oelkers, and Shaylee Kirby built the dummy to throw into the fire this year. Oelkers said, “That it is a tradition for the senior cheerleaders to make the dummy that gets thrown in the fire.” She says they had a lot of fun making the dummy together and had lots of laughs.

It has become a tradition to have a district-wide pep rally at the end of Spirit Week. Unfortunately, this year the weather created problems so the district-wide pep rally was canceled. Instead, the candidates, cheerleaders, and STUCO members went to the Elementary West building and put on a pep rally just for them. The Elementary West students interacted well with the high schoolers and seemed to enjoy themselves. Between interacting with the cheers, playing games, and competing in a grade-level competition, they were kept busy.  Click the link to see the fun at the Pep Rally: Homecoming Pep Rally

The Homecoming Game was played against the Haven Wildcats. The Indians won the game with a score of 41-6. The game outcome put Clearwater Indians at a 4-1 record for the season. The Homecoming King and Queen this year were Shaylee Kirby and Alex Ast. This is the first time in 5 years that a pair of candidates running together have won together.

The Homecoming week was finished off with the Homecoming Dance immediately following the football game. There was a DJ, a whole lot of pizza, and killer dance moves as students celebrated a fun and successful week.