From Welding to Winning

Tessa Gibbs, Staff

Mr. Cox is the industrial technology teacher, which includes machine tools and their functions A and B, welding A and materials A. Through Mr. Cox’s hard work in those classes, he was nominated for the Kansas Teacher of the Year Award. The Teacher of the Year Award strives to recognize excellent teaching in Kansas and to build and use a network of exemplary teachers who are leaders in helping the schools, student performance, and the teaching profession grow. Every school district can nominate one teacher from the elementary school and one secondary school teacher. Each nominee must achieve the following requirements before they can be nominated: Every nominee must be a full-time teacher in any state-approved or accredited school from kindergarten to twelfth grade and has to plan to continue in an active teaching status. They also must have completed a minimum of five years of classroom teaching by the end of the year. The nominee should be passionate and dedicated to teaching students of all backgrounds, and abilities to learn. The teacher should be a helpful part of their community. If the teacher wins, there will be a number of public appearances, so the nominee must be poised, articulate and have the energy to have a busy schedule. The nominee must be committed to serving as a leader in efforts to improve schools, student performance, and the teaching profession in Kansas.

Athletic director, Heath Elliott, Mrs. Cox, and Mr. Cox, Mrs. Parker, and principal, Mr. Mellen.

He says of the nomination, “I was really surprised because I look around the building and there’s a lot of teachers here that I feel could have been nominated too.” 

Mr. Cox has been teaching shop for thirty-two years. He said his reason to become a teacher was that he enjoyed working with kids. Also, he said he likes the personal relationships he builds with his students. 

Mr. Cox has also been leading the electric car program for more than fifteen years. He used to do robotics competitions but believes the electric car program is more challenging. It also allows the students to be more creative and have more freedom. They do all their own welding, machinery, and planning to create their cars. Their team went to Hays to participate in a competition on September 26th. One of their cars took first place and the other took third place. With all the hard work they put it in, this was an exciting outcome for the team.

Something people may not know about Mr. Cox is that he plays tennis. Mr. Cox has been playing tennis since he was twelve or thirteen. He also played all the way through high school in Kansas City, Kansas. He used to teach tennis in high school as a summer job. He even got a small scholarship at Fort Hays State University. Although the scholarship was a bonus, he really just loved playing tennis and likes the competition. He still plays tennis, about two or three times a week. He enjoys the small tennis community in Wichita and likes getting out and playing with friends. Some accomplishments his team has had is that they’ve won Kansas Men’s and Mixed Doubles several times, they’ve been to sectionals and came one match away from going to nationals a couple of times.

Mr. Cox has worked hard on and off the court. He is a good role model of what people can do when they are determined and hard-working. He has proven to the district how outstanding he is, and how all of his hard work has paid off. Keep it up, Mr. Cox!