A New Indian

Tessa Gibbs, Staff

Will Allred, a new freshman, has recently moved to Clearwater from Wichita about two and a half months ago. He used to go to Central Christian Academy or CCA.

Will Allred (9) in the weight room.

Allred plays football for the Indians as a left guard and left defensive end. He plans on participating in wrestling and track later this year. In track, he wants to throw shot put, discus and javelin. Football and track are his favorite sports because he thinks football is just a generally fun sport. For track, he says, “In track, I like how it’s an individual sport. So, it’s not like if you mess up it’s because you messed up. It’s not because your teammates messed up, so there’s a lot of personal responsibility in it.”

In his spare time, Allred likes to read, play his guitar, which he has been doing for about four months, and hang out with friends. He’s already made some new friends in Clearwater, including Hunter Layton, Bohdy Simon, Brayden Moss, Caleb Crossland, and Torin McGuire. Torin is actually Will’s cousin, as their mothers are twin sisters. Allred has two younger siblings: a brother and sister. His sister, Milly, is eleven and his brother, Warren, is thirteen. He also has a 7-year-old dog named Kia.

Allred says he enjoys Clearwater and how it is a calm town with nice people, compared to Wichita. He does say he misses having the convenience of being able to go to different places is Wichita, but overall really likes Clearwater. If you see him in the hallway, be sure to say hi!