New Coach, New Vibe

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New Coach, New Vibe

By: Kyndall Clevenger


Meet one of the high school’s newest volleyball coaches, Coach Stephanie Mendenhall. Mendenhall is the JV Coach and Assistant Varsity Coach. Originally, Mendenhall wasn’t going to come to Clearwater to coach volleyball. She was only going to be assisting Mr. Lukert in P.E. Instead, Mr. Elliot asked at her interview if she would be interested in coaching volleyball because he was looking for an assistant. Mendenhall explained, “Just being new to the school and I don’t live in town so I wanted some way to be connected to the students that I work with every day, not in a classroom setting, so I wanted to get to know kids in the school that I wouldn’t have in class. I think because I teach freshman P.E. if I wasn’t coaching, I would only get to know the freshmen and since it’s my first year here it’s been fun to get to know girls that I wouldn’t have in class.” Mendenhall said,” It’s been a fun season so far and JV has only lost 1 league game so that’s exciting. Coach May yesterday at practice was saying that substate assignments are coming out Wednesday, September 25th and I guess that will determine how that is actually going.”

Mendenhall is married and it is just the two of them. They don’t have any kids or pets. Although, she is trying to convince her husband to get her a puppy. Her family is actually big since she has one sibling and her husband has four. Mendenhall says,” It is loud and crazy when all of us are together but so much fun!” Beyond her family, Mendenhall really enjoys CrossFit in her spare time. “It makes me feel really good when I work out and it’s fun to throw big things around,” Mendenhall explained. Another thing Mendenhall enjoys is playing soccer. “I went to Tabor for my undergrad and played soccer there.” Coach Mendenhall is very active at Clearwater High School and is helping to improve the school. Keep up the work, Mendenhall!!

photo by Kyndall Clevenger