The Start of Something New

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The Start of Something New

By: Kyndall Clevenger

Coach Kyane May is a brand new high school volleyball coach. May is the Varsity Head Coach and recently moved to Clearwater from a farm in Caldwell, which is about an hour away. She taught business and coached volleyball there. May and her husband, Chad, have been married since 2017. May explained “ We are a blended family. I have 3 children and he has 3 children and they range from ages 21 to 6.” Her family is very active with 6 kids and they are at sporting events every day of the week except Sunday. Eden, a first-grader at Clearwater and May’s youngest daughter, claims she does not want to play any sports because she has to stay in the gym all the time. May does not have much spare time with her family and work because she coaches volleyball and is a teacher, but when she does, she and her husband enjoy going to college football games or volleyball games. May says, “I am really into Performing Arts so we try and take the kids to a play or musical or a concert as often as I can.” Her kids are what motivate her and keep her going on a daily basis. May explained, “My family has had more than their fair share of tragedy and so considering that my kids, my two oldest kids especially, I have been their person. I try to make sure that my life is about them and that a home full of love is at the end of the day. I may be a coach, a teacher, a mom, a sister, a daughter, all of those things, but in general, my home is my driving force of everything.” 

In college, May says she was exposed to many different cultures and diversity. She said,” When I first went to college I remember that everyone came from the same family dynamic and all were connected to agriculture and things like that and then when I played volleyball in college, I had the opportunity to be exposed to so many religions and cultures and it was absolutely fascinating.” With playing in college, May said, “I got to see a lot of really high-quality athletes because at that time Coffeyville was primarily a football school.” She also had the opportunity to attend class with quite a few NFL players. 

The Varsity volleyball team is 6-14 so far in this season. May says, “We have definitely had our ups and downs. At this point, we are trying to figure out the love of the team and the love of the sport vs individualism. We continue to improve throughout the season as far as athletic skills. I really wish we could just magically understand that team concept.” May enjoys coaching volleyball because she likes the connections she forms with the players. May explained,  “Volleyball has always been a part of me. I started playing it in 5th grade. They use to give number one player in your entire league patches for your letter jackets and I got that my senior year and went to college to play volleyball. I got All American in college and I have never really looked back from this sport. It’s been an important part of my life.” She really enjoys the girls on the Clearwater team and says,” The girls are pretty darn fantastic. They had an incredible sense of wit and humor. I like their hustle plays that always seem to come out, specifically my back row players. They never seem to give up on balls and are just a funny group of girls that I enjoy hanging out with.”