Bouncing Back


Mati Landwehr , staff

Star quarterback out for the season?! Tanner Cash (11),  starting quarterback for the CHS football team, was shocked Friday, September 20th to find out just hours before the game he had broken his tibia and tore his MCI, making him out for what he thinks to be the rest of the season. Cash started out playing his first season in the third grade after being given a rec sign up sheet by Mrs. Vogel. Something about his first season of football just made him love the sport. It could have been his first head coach (Casey Carlson) who, according to Tanner, had the biggest impact on him and taught him that he must put 100% effort into everything he does. Although star quarterback now, he hasn’t always been the quarterback; he started out as the running back through the 6th grade, then making the switch up to quarterback in 7th. He said that being quarterback just clicked with him. Being quarterback has created a passion and pride for Cash. He enjoys being the leader of the team and says it gives him an opportunity to be a leader and lead by example. Wanting to take football to the highest level possible, Cash is focused on getting 100% better so he can play next season. During his eighth-grade year, his team went undefeated. Cash started as the varsity quarterback his Freshman year followed by breaking two school records the year after; Cash is no short of a local phenomenon in the words of fellow classmates. Not only did he play through one game with a broken bone and torn ligament, but he played in TWO games. He claims he was hit week two of the season against Mulvane. He says he can remember the exact pla. He was running the ball and then all of the sudden, a Mulvane player hit him on the outside part of his left knee. Coach asked him if he could run and Cash answered honestly with, “No.” After loosening back up, he made the decision to go back out and finish the game. He practiced all week and played week 3 against Wellington. Getting hit in the same spot during the Wellington game, he realized something was wrong. He told his parents after that game and they decided to get an MRI on it. Thinking it was just another few hits, he didn’t think anything serious would come back on the MRI. Little did he know, he had a season-ending injury. In the beginning, they told Cash nothing serious was wrong, so he had practiced all week and was preparing for the tough game against Cheney when he got a call to the office that Friday afternoon.

 Upon walking into the office, he saw his mother sitting with the school’s Athletic Director and Assistant to the Principal, and immediately knew something bad had happened. His mother explained a conversation with the doctor that his knee was worse than they originally expected. Immediately after finding out the news, he realized he would have to tell Coach Scheufler and his team. Cash recalls, “That was the most emotionally overwhelming part of this whole experience…I didn’t want them to think I was letting them down.”

Overall, Cash has the support of both his coaches and teammates.  Although feeling guilty at first, Cash says he has gotten over most of the guilt by talking to his parents and coaches and realizing that everything happens for a reason. From here, Tanner Cash plans to take it easy and get healthy in time for basketball. Although a die-heart football boy, he wants to come back even stronger in November for basketball season.