Bullies Are Dumb

Makenzie Teeter

According to the Do Something website, 1 in every 5 kids from the ages 12 to 18 are bullied. An even scarier number is that 160,000 kids will skip school to avoid their bully. To avoid being bullied, students will skip school which causes them to miss out on learning. In Clearwater High School, the numbers are even more alarming. The student body was surveyed and 85 students responded. The responses showed that almost 60% of people saying that they have been bullied during school. And over 30%  say that they have been cyberbullied. In CHS, there are even over 20% who say that they have bullied kids. 

After digging deeper, many kids now suffer from depression, lower self-confidence, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety. The lives of these kids have been deeply affected because of bullying.  Rain Johnson said,” I have stopped putting myself in social situations so that I know I won’t be bullied.” Rain isn’t the only one though, many kids will avoid anything that put them in a situation to be bullied. Students said in response to a poll, “That they are missing out on experiences because they are afraid to put themselves in situations where they have been hurt before.”

In response to a poll that was sent out Ethan Schmidt said,  “ It has made me go to the point where I did not even want to get out of bed to go to school.” This is not uncommon as kids will skip school to avoid the person that is bullying them. Responses from the poll suggested that kids are now shyer or closed off.  A lot of people aren’t necessarily bullied but are hurt by the fact that their friends and family get bullied. Some mentioned that it was sad to see their friends feel upset because of something preventable. 

Bullying is something that unfortunately kids deal with day in and day out. But they shouldn’t have to. Bullying has to come to an end and this generation could be the generation to end it.  They have to deal with the after-effects of the bullying they receive. They often suffer from anxiety, depression and feel alone. There are several different strategies students can use: talk to friends, a trusted adult, or call the No Bully Help Hotline: 1-866-346-2848.