In the Tribe


The entire student body in the gym for the Fight Song competition Pulled from: Clearwater HS Twitter account

Noah Parker, Staff

This year, Clearwater High School has started doing Tribe Time. This is a thirty-minute part of white days dedicated to either class events, character education, or future plans after high school. 

The most recent of the class events was a Tik Tok battle between all the different tribes in each class. If you didn’t know, Tik Tok is a mobile app where people can take videos of themselves, edit the video, and post it on the app, then share it across the internet. Each class had a certain song their Tik Tok had to be combined with. The Freshmen was “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice, Sophomores  was “Peace of your Heart” by Meduza, Junior was “The Git Up” by Blanco Brown, and the Seniors was “My Life Be Like” by Grits. Before that, it was a contest as to which class could sing the fight song the loudest. It was a blast and the Seniors ended up winning that one. Each tribe even has it’s own name and mascot or symbol that the group decided on at the beginning of the year. When asked why he thinks Tribe Time group activities is important, Mr. Hampton replied, “I think it’s been really good as far as building the camaraderie amongst the group and building the tribal community that the students feel comfortable in.” 

Students also work on post-school plans in Tribe Time such as planning for college or entering the workforce. Students use Xello, an online site dedicated to helping students reach their goals. On Xello, they take tests to help them decide what job is recommended for them based on their likes and dislikes. There are other tests that help the students find what their learning style is and even their personality. It is also a great place to research schools and careers since much of the information students would be looking for is collected in one place. One can find anything from tuition, the composition of the student body, whether or not on-campus housing is available, the programs they offer, and even contact information. One can also filter schools based on location and cost.

When asked what they think of Tribe Time, students have mixed opinions. Some students find it extremely beneficial when it comes to finding future opportunities, while others don’t. Most people enjoy the group activities and connecting with their Tribemates and have fun with the competitions. Still, many students feel as if some of the things done in the tribe are busy work and feel as if it shouldn’t be every white day but instead something that should only occur once a week.

Among teachers, many agree that it’s a good opportunity to grow as people and a student body. However, a few expressed concern about whether or not the students take it seriously when it’s about future plans because it won’t be beneficial if they don’t. It’s meant as a time for planning and not as a free thirty minutes to be on phones or relax.

Senor tribes preparing for the fight song competition.