New Country, New Sport

Destiny Cornett

Each year families in the community host foreign exchange students. This year, unlike in the previous years, there are three foreign exchange students from all over the world. One of the three is Sophia Zimmer from Brazil. This fall Sophia decided to do something she never has before and play volleyball. So, she showed up at tryouts and made the team!

Sophia commented on this year, “I liked it a lot, it was hard for me because it was way different for me than it was last year.” It was hard for Sophia because in Brazil they don’t play volleyball, they play a game called handball. Sophia describes handball, “ You have a goal just like in soccer and instead of playing with our feet, we play with our hands, it’s almost the same thing.” However, volleyball is very different from handball, Sophia explained her struggles, “The positions were different and we don’t switch spots and we don’t have a base.” that was also Sophias’ biggest challenge. 

Sophia spoke about how the unfamiliarity of volleyball impacted her, “ We don’t have the thing where we go to schools and play volleyball against them.” That was a change for her to get used to. Sophia said the biggest thing she will miss about this year is the friendships. Lastly, Sophia was asked about the biggest lesson she’s learned and her response was, “ We are all the same, we don’t have that thing when someone makes a mistake we are supporting them.” Overall Sophia loved the volleyball seasons and the friendships she made.