War Cry

Brooklyn Kile

Last week’s matchup between Andale and Clearwater ended with an Andale win of 50-12. Andale’s undefeated season has earned them their number one ranking in the state so far this year. The Clearwater Indians have fought hard this year with a season score of 5-2. The Indians fought hard the first half scoring a touchdown in the first few minutes. Clearwater held Andale the first half but they came back in the second scoring touchdowns back to back. Tanner Cash, back from a recent injury, was able to help  Clearwater by playing with his team on the offensive line as starting quarterback. Using their team motto: “What are we? Family! What’s the motto? Tough people win!” They rise together as one team, one family, and one school. “Our job as the student section is to keep the boys’ spirits high even as we face a tough loss against one of our biggest rivals. That’s what I make sure of in the bleachers. And I know others like Logan Patrick (11) have awesome school spirit.” says Cole Bixler-Large (12). To offer another perspective, Avery Colbert, the yearbook’s main sports photographer, comments on the sideline atmosphere, “It’s a characteristic of our boys to continue giving everything they have no matter the numbers on the scoreboard. It’s a devastating feeling to lose no matter what. However, I can say whole-heartedly that I saw them through this and saw how hard they played despite it.” Despite the night ending with an Andale Indian win, senior starter Taylor Currie (12) says, “We had a good first half of the football game and played really well; however, the second half just didn’t fall in our favor. We are ready to play Andale again in playoffs but our focus is on Collegiate right now.”