Kpop: Is it Good?

Musical Revolution

Beethoven once said that “music can change the world,” and boy was he right. Music is a huge deal all around the world, but there is one specific genre that has been on the rise: kpop. Kpop groups like BTS, Blackpink, and SuperM have taken over the U.S. music charts. Just look at the Billboard 200! Two of these groups even appeared on the Ellen Show. There are more than 35.5 million fans around the world. Are you one of them? Let’s find out.

According to in their article “7 Reasons Why People Hate Kpop and How to Respond to Them“, most haters dislike kpop because of its ‘lack of originality’ and mindless lyrics. Others don’t like it because the guys look too feminine and none of them can sing, but despite these comments, only 25% of the 9 students surveyed said they didn’t necessarily like kpop because “it’s just not [their] taste.” The other 75% either said yes, they did like kpop or were indifferent. If you’re a hater of kpop, why don’t you look at a couple of opinions that might change your mind.

As stated by one of the students, “It lets you explore a different part of our world, and it really can be good you just need to find a group that suits your style…”. BTS, Blackpink, and even some not as popular groups like Ateez and The Rose are some of the top favorites among the students. When asked about their opinion on the kpop revolution, especially in the states, the majority said they thought it was a good thing. “I mean, it’s really cool. I love that people are embracing a new kind of music, and in a different language even (for the most part).

Maybe this is one of the best ways to bring together individuals from all across the world for something good!” Another person said that haters “will say that it is unfair of them to win awards in English based award shows, but I think they are just mad that their favorite didn’t win. Music is music. Just because they don’t speak English as their first language and don’t dress as we do doesn’t mean they are any less deserving of the rewards and fans they have.”