Proud to Be an American

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Proud to Be an American

Makenzie Teeter

Clearwater High School brought back a tradition that had been gone for many years. The student body and staff used Tribe Time to invite their family and friends that are veterans to gather at the school for a ceremony. This ceremony honored the Veteran’s and showed the student body how important these people really are to the U.S.

On November 11th, 2019 starting around 2:00 PM the staff, students, and community members gathered in the  High School Auditorium to celebrate not only the veteran’s in attendance, but veterans everywhere in the country.  This ceremony wasn’t only to thank the veterans but to also celebrate them. The ceremony started with The Pledge of Allegiance. After the pledge they honored the branches of the military. In addition to the honoring of the vets, the CHS seniors planning to go into the military were also honored. 

This ceremony reminded the student body and staff how much these veteran’s mean to people. They have done so much for not only the country but also for our community. With these Veteran’s being either family or friends of the students, they have been able to watch the students and other community members grow up. Many of these veterans have been at sports activities, concerts and various other events to support our community. The ceremony was a way to honor them and all they have done.