Teachers Got Talent

Mati Landwehr, staff

Can you guess what math teacher can rap and which English teacher can burp on command? We come to school and do what we need to do then leave. A lot of us don’t take the time to really get to know the teachers. There are things teachers do now or have done in their past that you’d never guess. 


Mrs. Keeling since a child has been able to burp like a champ, on command. She claims she doesn’t know how she found out she could do it, but she does have early memories doing this. One time she was trying to burp in her sister’s ear and ended up throwing up. Her mother, more concerned about Mrs. Keeling being sick, disregarded the fact that her sister had an ear full of throw up and went straight to comforting Mrs. Keeling.


Mr. Scheufler says that to this day he can still do the splits. He used to be a dancer. He danced all the way through middle school. He remembers jazz the most. 


Mrs. Clemens claims to be an incredible rapper. “ I really think I could win any ‘rap off’ I was put in”. She says she figured out she was good at rhyming in the 6th grade because she and her brother used to write poems about how much they hated their other brother. She thinks of it as her secret life, rapping to and from school and while cleaning her house. Anytime she gets in the car to go places she turns it up to drown out the sound of her screaming kids and just rap her heart away.