Small Town Travelers

Making Memories

Small Town Travelers

For 21 years it has been a tradition for the Clearwater High School Seniors to go on a five day trip to Washington D.C. This year was the twenty-second year and there was a total of 50 travelers. This group of 38 students and 12 adults saw many sights and made even more memories. 

Four senior girls had the honor of participating in the laying of the wreath. These four girls were Avery Colbert, Tahnae Keeling, Makenzie Macy, and Nicole Robinson. To be chosen for this, students were required to write an essay on the meaning of the laying of the wreath. These four girls wrote essays that put them above the rest and were  chosen to represent CHS in this event. They laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Arlington Cemetery on Friday November 15th. 

The seniors of CHS saw various sights. Many memorials and museums were visited in 5 short days. After visiting museums like the Smithsonian, students gained valuable knowledge. The Holocaust Museum resonated with the students as it showed the truth and horror that was the Holocaust. Alongside the museums that were visited the students also got to see many memorials. When asked, many students stated that their favorite memorial was the Iwo Jima Memorial. At this memorial the three students took a picture honoring their commitment to the Marines.

Sunday November 17th brought a few difficulties with a flight delay from Denver to Wichita. While it was long and a little boring it didn’t break these students’ spirits. 7 boys in particular made the most of this delay by finding creative ways to walk down the moving walkways. These boys caught the attention of not only their fellow students but also the attention of all those in the gate and surrounding gates. To watch some of the antics, click the following link. ( Airport Walkway Compilation). The trip had to come to an end sometime and while it is sad to say goodbye  there will always be memories to look back on.