Back in My Day…

2019 was a memorable year; the football team won their first Homecoming game since 2012, the choir groups went to Disneyland, the seniors made memories in Washington D.C., and many other memories. Even though memories happened in 2019 but there was also some memories years ago, how about 40 years ago? Take a look into 1979 and the similarities, differences, and some moments from the Senior class.

1979 was 40 years ago and there must be some differences, right? How about the fact that the High School building is the CIC now or that seniors didn’t get senior quotes. Some other differences that they had then would be that Winter Royalty was called Christmas Dance and the wrestling team got the support from wrestling cheerleaders. A moment that was highlighted in the book would be the Kayette mother-Daughter Tea party during the spring initiation of 1978  Even though there are differences, there were also some things that were similar. In 2019, the seniors got their signature in the book and this was also a trend in 1979. The seniors, in the book, state that they won their homecoming football game against Conway Springs.

1979 was a big year for the Seniors with the opening of the new Industrial Arts building, winning a football game against Andale 28-7, hold their prom at the Wichita Royale, the drama department performing “The Sound of Music”, and of course graduation. Some seniors who were remembered with their achievements would be the “Good Citizens” Diane Lauer and Dan Lee. These two classmen were elected for their commitment and good attitude by the school faculty. Outstanding Football awards were given to Jeff DeMott and Steve Gorges and the Outstanding Wrestling award was received by Randy Doll. Throughout the year, these men were recognized for their dedication and hard work on and off the field or mat. Two students who strived throughout the year in their sports were senior Jeff DeMott and junior Shelia Walker. When graduation approached the three student representatives of the class of 1979 were Valedictorian Dan Lee and Co-Salutatorians Kristy Frazier and Diane Lauer.

Two former and present faculty members who were freshmen during 1979 were Mrs. Mize, (Kelly Smith), and former principal, Randy Vogel.