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New Rappers on the Block

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One of Clearwater High School’s very own, Zach Trotter (10), is pursuing a new hobby of rapping and getting people to work together alongside one another. Trotter has started a trend in the sophomore class and names himself “White Cheddar” as he the head dog, with Logan Patrick (10), working on becoming the producer and manager of Trotter. Patrick started out with singing. but has decided that he would want to make music videos and help the boys get exposure to others around the school and even outside of Clearwater High instead of solely rapping. While Trotter started his hobby during his Renaissance history project over King Henry VIII and discovered that he enjoyed it so, he began making his joke into a hobby. Patrick states that he was influenced by Trotter and old school rappers when he first started out.  The boys have started with a small circle of rappers with Caden Carlson (10) as “Lil Squirmy” and Jacob Walter (10) as “Yung Manimal” as well as themselves. When Patrick “Peppa Jack Patrick” was asked why cheese was his and Trotter’s rap names, Patrick replied, “Cheese is a good food; so why not cheese? It all started when Zach started calling himself Cheddar Blanco in the eighth grade.”

When Trotter was presented with the question of how he writes his songs, he replied, “It is a very unconventional style of writing.” The new rapper starts out by writing the lyrics and then adding a beat. He states, Instead of trying to stick with the beat, I can make the beat stick with me.” The “finding a topic” process is a bit different than most. He starts out with asking his buddies about a topic and then flows with the idea they present to him. Sometimes he just looks at older rap songs and gets ideas off of them. He finds writing by himself is easier; however, he does like writing his own piece and then combining perspectives with the people he works with.

“I like to work with the boys but also by myself when it comes to songs. The goal is to have around ten boys spitting on the mic,” commented Patrick. Trotter has two songs that he has posted on his YouTube channel with the name of “White Cheddar.” Trotter has many great ideas but needs some help getting started and to gain a substantial sized following of people that listen to his work. Trotter also asks, “If anyone reading this has some SoundCloud experience, please contact me.” Patrick and Carlson are working on one song right now that will come out in the spring with a brand new music video.

The boys make it evident in talking about their new hobby and their passion for rapping and bringing people together, finding them to be around would be an exciting rollercoaster. Their goal is to get around ten more guys on the mic. If interested, make sure to contact the boys for more details! Patrick ends with, “If you want to be in a fun group of guys and get on the mic, contact me or White Cheddar.” Happy rapping!

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New Rappers on the Block