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Ashley Stimson

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Photo by: Briona Woods

Cole Bixler-Large (11) was new to the Clearwater district at the start of his 8th-grade year. He only has been running cross country since his sophomore year and already he has had some big accomplishments. He started cross-country after Mr. Cornwell convinced him because he knew it would help in the spring with track. This year Cole was able to go to regionals where he placed 3rd. This allowed him to go to State in Wamego where he placed 9th. He is very happy with how this season ended but hopes that next year he goes back to State to get a top 5 finish.  

Coach Jeff Cornwell stated, “The thing that separates him from many of his competitors is his toughness.  He is willing to work no matter what stress he is placed under in his training.” Cole hopes to keep running to be able to go to a D1 college. He knows that it’s going to take a lot of hard work but he plans to keep running and training through the offseason.

Before regionals, Cole was nervous because he knew he would have some tough competition. Still, he didn’t let that scare him away but made him more motivated to try harder. During the race, he tried his best to keep his head clear and just focused on getting a good time, but it was his competitiveness that drove him to go faster. Cole was pretty confident before the race started that he would place in the top 10. However, he still tried his hardest. Cole commented, “I really didn’t think about placing until after because anyone could have a better day than me and beat me, so I just tried as hard as I could until the race was over.” When he found out he would be going to State he was very excited and nervous but was also a little sad that the entire team wouldn’t get to compete.

When everyone heard of Cole’s great day at regionals he got a lot of attention before he was sent off to State to represent Clearwater High School. Cole was very nervous but focused on just running to ease the pressure the best he could.

Before State, Cole slept a lot and made sure to eat good food. He listened and used a lot of advice people gave him.  He did everything he could to prepare for the big day. He was still quite nervous but he said, “State was more exciting then regionals because everyone was cheering you on.” While Cole was running, he did he best to run along with someone because “they will push you and make you work hard then at the end kick them out. It didn’t always work but it made me work hard while running,” Cole stated. He did his best to think of State as any other race to calm his nerves. Placing 9th, Cole was very happy with his results and can’t wait to see what he can do this spring during track.

Big things are happening not only for Cole but for the school too. 

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