Book Review

Two Little Girls in Blue

Ashley Stimson

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Mary Higgins Clark is a popular author and her books are enjoyed by thousands of readers. She has written about 14 books and is 90 years old. She writes suspenseful mystery novels including The Cinderella Murder, and Where are my Children. Two Little Girls In Blue has a 5.7 reading level and is worth 13 AR points. The story is about two twin girls, Kathy and Kelly,  who get kidnapped after their third birthday. The kidnappers ask for 8 million dollars that the parents of the children don’t have. However, Steve Frawley just started working at C.F.G.&Y. which is an investment firm specializing in pension funds. The company decided to pay the 8 million dollars in the attempt to get the two little girls back. After a complicated day of running around the city, they are able to get one of the girls back. The other is presumed dead only through telepathy of the twins, Margret the mother of the two, thinks that the other is still alive. Despite everyone thinking, she is crazy she goes to try and find her other daughter. When she finds new evidence that says she’s alive the investigation to find her starts up again. Do they find their precious daughter? Is she alive? Find out in Mary Higgins Clark book Two Little Girls in Blue. 

This a very great book for teens to read, especially if you love mystery novels. The chapters are short and make it fun to read. It’s important to keep track of all of the characters but she does a great job of making sure you don’t put the book down. The ending is one the reader won’t see coming and will be shocking.

On Mandy gave the book 5 stars and said, “This author never fails to deliver. A great mystery about twins who are kidnapped. Made me hold my kids tighter.”

On R.A Ruth also gave the story five stars and stated, “Enjoyed this enough to read it straight through. Not able to figure out the instigator, had an Idea but could not confirm. Love plots that make you think, and follow a well-woven thread. Thank you for a most interesting night.”