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Has anyone ever wanted to be CHS royalty but were never given the opportunity? This needs to change. The same people keep getting nominated and this isn’t just a 2018-2019 problem, this has gone on for many years here at CHS. What’s the big deal? People have to keep buying new dresses when they get nominated more than once. Formal dresses are expensive and not every candidate has the means for it. If the male candidate isn’t in that particular sport, he must also purchase something to wear.

It also only gives a small representation of deserving individuals who participate in sports, clubs, and activities throughout the year. What’s the solution you might ask? A viable option is to have candidates only be nominated one time per school year. Win or lose, their race is over. What way, new people become nominated for each major event, making it fairer for those who are also deserving of such an honor. It also makes it less of a popularity contest.

This problem has also led students to stop voting because many people think it is pointless since the same people and/or their best friends are the only ones getting nominated. More people need to be recognized in different areas throughout the school. Clearwater shouldn’t just show off the athletes of the senior class, but also those who participate in fine arts, and those who represent CHS through clubs, activities, and other areas, putting in extra time to make the school year fun and exciting, and always with a positive, sportsmanlike, and friendly attitude to other students and staff.

With this change, more people become involved and it will always be a surprise to see who will get nominated next. For the past few years, the student body automatically knows who the next candidates will be for each royalty event. The only thrill would be to see who takes over the last spot.

This high school is fortunate enough to have four different opportunities to show off the seniors and what they do for their school and community. Changing the way this voting process is run will help the underclassmen get to know their senior class and not just the same ten names they hear in the hallways.

Elizabeth Kennedy (10) believes “it’s unfair how you have students putting in so much effort into the Fine Arts department but don’t get any recognition even though they put in as much time as the athletes. Everything has involved around the sports.” Kennedy stated that she would love to see others be in front of the crowd just waiting to hear their name come across the speakers.

The process starts with the students getting a list of seniors names and choosing either three to four girls and boys. After the student body has voted and the data is collected, the seniors with the most votes are nominees for the event. Before the day comes to know who will win, the student body gets to elect who they think is best fit for either Homecoming, run by STUCO, Mr. and Miss CHS, run by NHS, Winter Royalty, organized by SAFE and SADD, and Prom who is run by the Junior Prom committee. The problem with this is that the same names get put back into the list except for the already elected queen and king. Any nominee or winner should immediately be taken out of the next event, giving others more of a chance to be nominated.

Some amazing people are in the senior class each year and these students should be able to be shown off in front of Clearwater. “You have to put in the work to get recognized,” states Elizabeth Kennedy. “It doesn’t give others a chance,” quotes Ashley Stimson from the sophomore class. There are more than just a few athletes in a class, so learn to SHARE THE SPOTLIGHT!!