Spilling the Tea with Alec

Alec Wilson shares more about his tea reviews.

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Above: Alec Wilson, 10th grade

One of the students at Clearwater High School has a reputation for having a daily review of different tea brand and flavors. Every day, the student would post to his story on the social media app Snapchat, with a picture of the tea being reviewed, captioned with an out-of-ten rating based on the taste and packaging of the tea. The student, Alec Wilson (10), was interviewed regarding these reviews.

Q: “What inspired your tea reviews?”

Alec: “I was overwhelmed by the amount of tea choices there were, so I wanted to help people decide what tea they wanted.”

Q: “What was your favorite tea so far?”

Alec: “My favorite tea has always been Peach Peace Tea.”

Q: “What interested you in tea specifically? Why not any other beverage?”

Alec: “There’s just a lot of choices when it comes to beverages, but tea is the best because you can drink it anytime. You can drink it to wake you up, or any other time of the day. That’s why tea is the superior beverage.”

Alec: “Also, I just want to say this. My Arnold Palmer tea review was the most controversial.”

Q: “Why was that tea review the most controversial?”

Alec: “Well, I gave it a 3/10, because I left it in the car, and I drank it hot, even though it was supposed to be cold. I want people to understand I review teas on an individual basis.”

Q: “Do these tea reviews reflect your personality in any way?”

Alec: “I think like, some part of me has always been hyper-critical, and I don’t want to take that out on another person, so these tea reviews give me an outlet. I think that tea, in general, reflects my personality, like I said, tea is flexible, you can drink it any time.”

Q: “Are you hypercritical of anything other than tea reviews?”

Alec: “I don’t think so, just tea reviews, and Interior design. I’m not that into it, but if there’s a bad color scheme, it just makes me angry.”

Q: “Have these tea reviews had any impact on your life?”

Alec: “Maybe slightly. When I started doing them, people were like, coming up to me and saying “I really liked your tea reviews.” and it made me feel really good.

If you’re in the mood for tea, check out Alec’s tea reviews, so you can find the tea right for you.