Famous Dopplegangers

Makenzie Teeter

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We all know about doppelgangers and how someone you’ve never even met will come up to you on the street mistaking you for someone they know. So we are going to be comparing a few staff members to their famous doppelgangers. We will start at the top of our staff with Mr. Mellen. Mr. Mellen’s famous doppelganger would be Robin Williams. Our next staff member on the list is Mr. Elliott. Now Mr. Elliott’s real doppelganger is Robbie Schroeder. But if we go famous then his doppelganger would be Jeff Cohen who is more famously known as Chunk from the Goonies. Moving on to our office ladies lets start with Mrs. Martin. Mrs. Martin’s doppelganger is Madonna because they both have great spunk. Mrs. Meyer has a great humorous personality so her doppelganger would be Amy Poehler. Last but certainly not least we have Mrs. Ussery. Her doppelganger is Mary-Kate Olsen who is famously known for her role as Michelle from Full House. Next, we will move on to Mr. Servis and his personality leads his doppelganger to be Elton John. Next, we will find the doppelganger for Mr. Jinkens. His doppelganger is most definitely Seth Rogen. Sequentially  Mr. Schmidt who’s most famous doppelganger would be Steven Spielberg. Next, we should move onto Mr. Woodcock. His doppelganger would be Louis C.K because of their humor. Moving on to Mr. Reitberger who’s doppelganger would be Al Pacino because of the famed mustache. Continuing on let’s go visit the English department starting with Mrs. Mize. Mrs. Mize is strong and has a great sense of perseverance which would lead her doppelganger to be Grace Kelly. Next would be Mrs. Miller who is sweet as honey but can be hard as nails. Her doppelganger would be Katy Perry. Continuing on would be Mrs. Keeling. With Mrs. Keelings extravagant and sassy personality it’s not a surprise that her doppelganger is Britney Spears. Finally, we have Mr. Hibler is bright and sunny so his doppelganger would be Steve Harvey. Do you want to know who your celebrity doppelganger is? Download the app Looky off the app store and find out today!!

Photo of Mrs. Stearns by: Tahnae Donaldson

Photo of Mr. Hibler by: Makenzie Teeter