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It’s no secret that the Clearwater yearbook staff has been hard at work all year. However, a few of them took time to do an interview. In these interviews, they were asked things such as, “What is your favorite part?” “What is the best thing you learned?” and “What inspires you to do yearbook?” Their answers below are as follows, Avery Colbert (11), is a first-year yearbook editor and loves every bit of yearbook. Briona Woods (10) is in her second year on the yearbook staff, and like Avery, loves yearbook. Parker Stevens (10), is a new member of the CHS yearbook staff and so far, has also enjoyed her time. There will be more feature stories and more of the yearbook staff to come!

Avery Colbert, a junior at Clearwater High School, is a first-year yearbook and newspaper editor. However, she has two years of prior experience on the staff. Her favorite part of yearbook is getting to write, photography, and working together to come up with a successful end product. When asked how being in Yearbook could benefit other people she said, “It definitely shows how to prioritize and how to be versatile, you have to try everything even if you aren’t good at it. I think it is a really positive learning experience.” Colbert plans on continuing Yearbook through the rest of her high school career.

Briona Woods, a sophomore at Clearwater High School and this is her second year being a part of the yearbook staff. Briona’s favorite part of Yearbook is getting to learn new things about people around the school. She enjoys teaching others about what she knows and helping them learn different techniques. When asked what the most important thing she learned is, Briona said, “Working well with others will pay off in the end.” She loves Yearbook and plans on doing it all for years of high school.

Parker Stevens, a sophomore at Clearwater High School, had her first Yearbook experience in middle school, making this her first year on the Clearwater High School Yearbook Staff. She chose to participate because it would give her a break from other classes while she learned new skills. Her favorite part is taking pictures because she gets excited when she is able to get a good shot. The most important thing she has learned is, “When you are writing a caption you have to tell a story, you have to tell what’s happening before, during, and after the picture without stating the obvious. Always make sure you are capturing the moment.” Parker is still deciding on whether she will continue Yearbook, but as long as her schedule allows, she will continue. learned is, Briona said, “Working well with others will pay off in the end.” She loves Yearbook and plans on doing it all for years of high school.